The members of the Award Staff are eligible for the following kind of leave:

Casual Leave

An employee shall be entitled to casual leave up to a maximum of 12 days in financial year provided that not more than 4 days’ leave may be taken continuously and provided that holidays and Sundays may not be combined with such leave in such a way, as to increase the absence from office at any one time beyond six days and it extended beyond these limits, it shall be treated as privilege leave in respect of the entire period.

The quantum of casual leave available to an employee during the first financial year of his/her service is calculated on a pro-rata basis at the rate of one day for each completed month or part thereof from the date of his joining the service upto to the end of the year.

Privilege Leave

The amount of privilege leave earned which shall be on full pay, shall be one month for completed service of 11 months. Privilege leave will be cumulative up to a maximum of 240 days.

For calculation of privilege leave, a financial year is taken as accounting year.

Privilege leave accrued during the financial year should be calculated and credited to the employees’ leave account on 1st April every year. There is no provision for grant of Privilege leave on pro-rata basis.

Sick Leave

An employee shall be granted sick leave at the rate of 1 month for each year of service, subject to a maximum of 18 months during his/her entire service. In the first year of service, an employee will be granted sick leave on pro-rata basis. Where an employee has put in a total service of over 24 years, he/she shall be eligible for additional sick leave at the rate of 1 month for each year of service in excess of 24 years, subject to a maximum of 3 months of additional sick leave.

Sick leave shall be on half-substantive pay. An employee, if he/she so requests, shall be permitted to avail himself/herself of sick leave on full pay, such leave on full pay being entered as twice the amount of leave taken, in his/her sick leave account.

Casual leave not availed of by an employee in a financial year shall be converted into Sick Leave on full pay. Casual leave not availed of by an employee in the first financial year of his/her service shall however not be converted into sick leave. There is no upper limit in regard to the accumulation of un-availed casual leave as sick leave.

Sick leave shall be granted on production of Medical Certificate acceptable to the Bank. Sick leave in lieu of unavailed Casual Leave shall be covered by this provision.

Maternity Leave

Female employees will be eligible for Maternity leave which shall on substantive pay, shall be granted to a female employee for a period not exceeding 6 months on any occasion and 12 months during the entire period of her service.







The concession is available to permanent employees provided they have completed at least 11 months’ active service. The concession may be permitted to the eligible employees when he proceeds on leave of any kind. There is no restriction as to the minimum number of days of leave to be taken for the purpose.

Eligibility Distance

For availment of leave fare concession under 2 years & 4 years block for visit to any place within India , the maximum permissible distance shall be 2000 km and 4000 km respectively.

The option so exercised shall be irrevocable for the block concerned.

Eligible Class

Employees and their family members would be eligible for AC-2 tier fare for journey by mail/express trains (including Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express trains) including reservation.service charge if they actually travel by that class.

Members of family

The employee may avail of the concession for self as also for the members of his family. The family shall mean:

a)      The employee’s wife or husband

b)      Children (including step children and legally adopted children) and parents. A married female employee may include her natural parents or parents-in-law under the definition of family – but not both – provided that the parents/parents-in-law are ordinarily residing with and wholly dependent on her. The term wholly dependent children/parent shall mean such member of the family having a monthlyincome not exceeding Rs.3500/- p.m.

c)      If an employee and his wife are employed in the Bank, although each will be entitled to leave fare concession in his/her own right.

d)      If husband and wife are working in different banks, each of them can avail of Leave Travel Concession separately for different journey.


On opting to encash the facility, he/she will be entitled to receive a lumpsum equivalent to 75% of notional train fare for the admissible distance (depending on a 2 years or 4 years block) by the entitled class, subject to deduction of admissible tax at source.



While availing Leave Fare Concession, an employee will be permitted to encash privilege leave as under:

For availment of LFC under 2 years block  –  Maximum 15 days either in each block

For availment of LFC under 4 years block  –  Maximum 30 days either in each block



  1. Medical Aid: Rs.2000/- once in a calendar year irrespective of date of joining
  2. Improve Medical Aid Scheme:
    1. Hospitalization cases of any disease ( must be indoor patient)
    2. Hospitalization cases of 23 specified serious diseases viz. Cardiac, Kidney, Cancer etc. (follows higher schedule for reimbursement with modern implant & operation facility).
    3. Domiciliary treatment facilities of above 23 specified serious diseases.
    4. Domiciliary treatment facilities of diseases like Diabetic etc. under General Hospitalization Scheme.
  3. Tie up facility with Hospital for out station treatment
    1. Tata Memorial Hospital , Mumbai, for cancer patient, with Guest House facility.

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